Aboriginal Women Artists Project

The Aboriginal Women Artists Project combines the fashion accessory designs of Catherine Manuell with the artworks of women artists from the very remote communities of Arnhem Land, the Utopia region of Central Australia, Iwantja Arts in Indulkana and now from Darwin as well.

Catherine has established a licensing set up with the artists. The women benefit directly from the production of every item made. This will be an ongoing royalty for them while the product stays in production.

The collection has now expanded to include many remote aboriginal women artists within a variety of vibrant special development projects around Australia. The artists are very much enjoying being kept up to date with where their art pieces are being sold and how well they are being received! Shown below are the artworks and artists from the collection offered directly by Catherine Manuell Design.

Other projects are created on behalf of other Arts organisations.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers of the catalogue pages are warned that they may contain images of deceased persons.


Airport Trolley Set AAP - Billabong $599.00
Airport Trolley Set AAP - Community Unity $599.00
Airport Trolley Set AAP - Family Love $599.00
Airport Trolley Set AAP - Bush Tomatoes $599.00
Airport Trolley Set AAP - Conkerberry $599.00
Roma Tote AAP - Bush Tomatoes $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Conkerberries $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Wild Orange $89.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Bush Tomatoes $49.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Conkerberries $49.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $49.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Wild Orange $49.95
Overnight Bowler AAP - Family Love $247.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Elements $247.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Billabong $247.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Community Unity $247.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Community Unity $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Family Love $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Billabong $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Bush Yams $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Elements $279.50
Ultralight Backpack AAP - Billabong $69.95
Ultralight Backpack AAP - Elements $69.95
Ultralight Backpack AAP - Community Unity $69.95
Ultralight Backpack AAP - Family Love $69.95
Taller Walker AAP - Family Love $109.00
Taller Walker AAP - Elements $109.00
Airport Trolley Set AAP - Bush Yams $599.00
Taller Walker AAP - Billabong $109.00
Classic Tote AAP - Elements $119.95
Classic Tote AAP - Family Love $119.95
Roma Tote AAP - Community Unity $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Billabong $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Elements $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Family Love $89.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Elements $49.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Family Love $49.95
Hot Desk Folio AAP - Elements $79.95
Hot Desk Folio AAP - Family Love $79.95
Laptop Compendium AAP - Elements $119.95
Laptop Compendium AAP - Family Love $119.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Bush Tomatoes $22.45 $24.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Conkerberries $24.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $22.45 $24.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Wild Orange $22.45 $24.95
Spec Case AAP - Bush Tomatoes $29.50
Spec Case AAP - Conkerberries $29.50
Spec Case AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $29.50
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