CMD with Mim Cole

Catherine Manuell Design is delighted to be creating with Mim Cole.

Mim is a visual artist and Larrakia, Wardaman, Karajarri woman who was born and raised on Larrakia Country, also known as Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Mim has been creating art since she was a teenager, learning techniques through practice and observation from her mother, uncles and large artistic family. Mim is a natural, self-taught artist who experiments and applies her traditional and abstract compositions to a variety of media including painting and printmaking.

A little about the paintings ofMim Cole

Freshwater BillabongAcrylic paint on canvas, 20 x 20 inch, ©2019.
This painting represents the many Freshwater Billabongs, which are heavenly oases on this hot earth. They are full of beautiful plant life. Creating abundant ecosystems overflowing with life and spirit.

ElementsAcrylic paint on canvas, A3, ©2019.
This painting represents the wind, earth, flora and fauna, sun, water and fire as depicted by the different colours in the six sections of the painting. All combined these elements give us sustenance and life.

Family LoveAcrylic paint on canvas, 1m x 1m, ©2018.
Family Love is a symbol of my family, my world, my heart. My family are a beautiful big ball of positive energy, 7 beautiful souls, strongly connected. We feed each other with knowledge and love. We elevate each other.

Community UnityAcrylic paint on canvas, 60cm diameter round canvas, ©2018.
This painting represents family and the importance of having a good, strong, supportive community around it. United we rise.

The Aboriginal Women Artists Project combines the fashion accessory designs of Catherine Manuell with the artworks of women artists from remote communities of Australia. The artists benefit directly by an ongoing royalty from the production of every item made.

Catherine Manuell Design is an accredited member of the Indigenous Art Code.

Airport Trolley Set AAP - Billabong $480.00 $599.00
Airport Trolley Set AAP - Community Unity $480.00 $599.00
Airport Trolley Set AAP - Family Love $480.00 $599.00
On Board Wheely AAP - Billabong $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Family Love $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Community Unity $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Elements $279.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Family Love $247.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Billabong $247.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Community Unity $247.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Elements $247.50
Ultralight Backpack AAP - Billabong $69.95
Ultralight Backpack AAP - Community Unity $69.95
Ultralight Backpack AAP - Elements $69.95
Ultralight Backpack AAP - Family Love $69.95
Hot Desk Folio AAP - Family Love $79.95
Hot Desk Folio AAP - Elements $79.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Family Love $49.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Elements $49.95
Laptop Compendium AAP - Family Love $119.95
Laptop Compendium AAP - Elements $119.95
Classic Tote AAP - Elements $119.95
Classic Tote AAP - Family Love $119.95
Taller Walker AAP - Family Love $109.00
Taller Walker AAP - Billabong $109.00
Taller Walker AAP - Elements $109.00
Roma Tote AAP - Community Unity $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Family Love $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Billabong $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Elements $89.95
Curved Zip Section Wallet AAP - Family Love $79.95
Curved Zip Section Wallet AAP - Elements $71.95 $79.95
Wider Window Wallet AAP - Billabong $79.95
Wider Window Wallet AAP - Community Unity $71.95 $79.95
Medium Overflow Purse AAP - Family Love $27.95
Medium Overflow Purse AAP - Elements $27.95
Medium Overflow Purse AAP - Community Unity $27.95
Medium Overflow Purse AAP - Billabong $27.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Family Love $22.45 $24.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Elements $24.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Community Unity $22.45 $24.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Billabong $24.95
Spec Case AAP - Family Love $29.50
Spec Case AAP - Elements $29.50
Spec Case AAP - Community Unity $29.50
Spec Case AAP - Billabong $29.50
Card Sleeve AAP - Family Love $15.00
Card Sleeve AAP - Elements $15.00
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