CMD with Cheryl Thompson

Catherine Manuell Design is delighted to be creating with Cheryl Thompson.

Cheryl Thompson is a Yiningai woman of the Desert Channel Country - particularly the settlement of Barcaldine and its surrounds. These paintings represent all that it means to be an Aboriginal woman in a tribal and contemporary context. The concepts of harvest, to gather, to carry, to provide and to nurture are the keystones to what it means to be an Aboriginal woman.

Desert Women’s Summer Harvest Coolamon Collection:

The Aboriginal Women Artists Project combines the fashion accessory designs of Catherine Manuell with the artworks of women artists from remote communities of Australia. The artists benefit directly by an ongoing royalty from the production of every item made.

Catherine Manuell Design is an accredited member of the Indigenous Art Code.

Airport Trolley Set AAP - Bush Tomatoes $599.00
Airport Trolley Set AAP - Conkerberry $599.00
Overnight Bowler AAP - Wild Orange $247.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $247.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Conkerberries $247.50
Overnight Bowler AAP - Bush Tomatoes $247.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Wild Orange $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Conkerberries $279.50
On Board Wheely AAP - Bush Tomatoes $279.50
Essentials Pouch AAP - Wild Orange $49.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $49.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Conkerberries $49.95
Essentials Pouch AAP - Bush Tomatoes $49.95
Roma Tote AAP - Wild Orange $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Conkerberries $89.95
Roma Tote AAP - Bush Tomatoes $89.95
Spec Case AAP - Wild Orange $29.50
Spec Case AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $29.50
Spec Case AAP - Conkerberries $29.50
Spec Case AAP - Bush Tomatoes $29.50
Everyday Purse AAP - Wild Orange $24.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $24.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Conkerberries $24.95
Everyday Purse AAP - Bush Tomatoes $24.95
Curved Zip Section Wallet AAP - Wild Orange $79.95
Curved Zip Section Wallet AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $79.95
Curved Zip Section Wallet AAP - Bush Tomatoes $79.95
Wider Window Wallet AAP - Conkerberries $79.95
Ultralight Backpack AAP - Bush Tomatoes $69.95
Key Tag AAP - Wild Orange $9.95
Key Tag AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $9.95
Key Tag AAP - Conkerberries $9.95
Key Tag AAP - Bush Tomatoes $9.95
Gift packaged Luggage Tag AAP - Wild Orange $27.00
Gift packaged Luggage Tag AAP - Gumbi Gumbi $27.00
Gift packaged Luggage Tag AAP - Conkerberries $27.00
Gift packaged Luggage Tag AAP - Bush Tomatoes $27.00