Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection

Welcome to CMD’s Autmun/Winter 2024 Collection.

With a classic, relaxed and calm feel, we have featured Japanese prints, and the classic haby prints as highlights in our seasonal and ‘mix’ collections – they go so well with so many outfits and will be loved for seasons to come.

Also... some big news – our classic, ‘retro-inspired’ airport trolley sets are back!
In a variety of indigenous and seasonal prints...

Excitingly, we have also launched our luggage collection in Kate Hudson’s Flowering Gums print – they’re sure to be a hit while wheeling them around the world.

Curved Multi Bag - W24 Mix $139.95
Taller Walker - W24 Naomi Mix $99.00
Taller Walker - W24 J-Pop Mix $99.00
Argyle Tote - Karkai Print $115.00
Multi Panel Satchel Bag - Winter 2024 Mix $135.00
Haby Front Satchel Bag - Black Beige Haby $135.00
Haby Front Satchel Bag - Red Beige Haby $135.00
A-Line Bowler - Leopard Flat Fur $115.00
A-Line Bowler - Rose Bloom $115.00
On Board Wheely - Black Beige Haby $249.95
Overnight Bowler - Black Beige Haby $227.50
A-Line Bowler - Grey Mustard Stitch Flower $115.00
On Board Wheely - Flowering Gums $279.50
Overnight Bowler - Flowering Gums $247.50
Everyday Purse - Garden Scene $23.50
Spec Case - Garden Scene $26.50